2 comments on “Hump Day Bulge – They’re Back, Too!

  1. The guy in in red or orangish shorts has H-U-G-E testicles. The penis outline is average size when limp. We wonder if he can lay on his stomach w/o risk of pain. And be careful when crossing your legs, if you have a large Balloon. We’ve polled women, and they are turned on by his bulge being created via the cited testicles.

  2. Here’s a URL we found from a cool gay website in Australia: http://wwwttco-yo.blogspot.com .
    If it doesn’t convert to highlighted mode, drag right-clicked mouse over it and Paste in to address bar.
    That Google Blog is the most amusing thing we’ve read, about what the Aussies call the most F’ed Up condominium building in the U.S. It’s in Omaha NE, of all places. Just weird as can be !

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